Golf Fashion

With the increase in the popularity of the game, golf is now turning into one of the most fashionable games in the world. The serene green fields spaced with long trees and clear blue water bodies bring in an essence of elegance to the game. Players while playing the game are not only conscious of how well they perform but also how they look while performing. Golf being mainly the sport of the elite has now earned a style statement. Starting from golf accessories to golf wear fashion has infiltrated even into the technique of playing the game. In fact, golf fashion has influenced the way the golfers go for driving, chipping and putting.

At present sports companies are earning huge profits by selling designed golf accessories and clothes. For fashion designers creating innovative but comfy golf wears are one of the common sources for income at present.

From the bulky outfits of the golfers of the older generation the design of the golf wears has undergone a massive change in order to cope up with trendy taste of the present day youths.

Style in golf is now gaining dominance due to annual golfing events and the sports championships. Since the players are under the constant gaze of spectators world wide, golfers find it to be essential to look fashionable while they play.

Golf fashion has also been encouraged due to the increasing number of woman playing the game. Golf fashion is not only about the type of the outfit a player wears but also about the kind of shoes, caps and bags he or she is carrying. There are many sports apparel companies who apart from focusing on the fashionable designs also believe in using materials that would be environment friendly.

A famous golf company named Tehama launched by the famous Hollywood celebrity named Clint Eastwood aims at bringing the blue ocean amidst the lush greens. The outfits made by the company are of sea weeds. The company also manufactures wears that would allow vitamin C to infuse inside the body while the player is playing the game.

There are many sports designing companies who are associated with the game. The designer names that come along with the game of golf are Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen. Stella McCartney has contributed to woman golf style statement in collaboration with Addidas. Her collection includes jacket made up of waterproof fabric, stretch golf skirts designed with box pleats, tee holders, funky pleated trousers, and performance golf shoes.


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    Golf is one of those sports which results may depend on the type of clothes you wear. So when you want to play golf the whole idea is to be comfortable. So I think comfortable clothes are the first purity of every golfer.

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    totally agreed!! golf fashion is all about from caps to shoes.... and everything in between....nice!!

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