Women with Fashion Games

Video games aren't all about guns, fast cars and fire-breathing dragons--they can be about clothing and accessories too. In fashion games, a trendy scarf or a cute skirt can carry just enough power to propel you to the next level or beat your opponent. Several fashion games marketed toward women are available to play in your Internet browser or can be downloaded to your computer.

JoJo's Fashion Show

"JoJo's Fashion Show" whisks you onto the runway of a fashion show. Your goal is to create outfits that correspond to the runway's theme. Themes include bridal, western and sportswear. The closer your clothing choices conform to the theme, the higher the judges score your look. Reach the level's goal to advance to the next round. Big Fish Games offers this game for sale on its website as well as a free, 60-minute downloadable trial. Mac and PC versions are available.

Fashion Wars

"Fashion Wars" is a game available on the Facebook social networking site. In this game, you play the role of a trendy diva, determined to get to the top of her social circle. In order to do this, you must grow your posse by having your Facebook friends join the game and purchase clothing and accessories to help you win fights against rival posses and complete events. Progressing through the levels allows you to unlock new clothing items, such as the yoga pants or the Britney mini dress. You'll need to outfit your posse with the most powerful clothing items and accessories available to you in order to beat your rivals. Watch the Facebook feed to collect bonuses and rare items from your Fashion Wars friends.

Fashion Solitare

Presented by the Lifetime Television Network, "Fashion Solitaire" offers a stylish twist to the traditional card game. Your goal is to create looks on your models that correspond to the cards in play. The game has 48 levels, each increasing in difficulty. If you create a look you really love, you can use the "Paparazzi" feature to snap a photo of the outfit and email it to yourself or your friends. You can play a trial version of the game or buy a full version on the Lifetime website. PC and Mac versions are available.

Fashion Dash

In "Fashion Dash," you play Coco, a frazzled clothing retail store owner with dreams of operating an empire of apparel stores. In order to do this, you must guide her through 48 levels by managing fitting rooms, tailoring clothing items and upselling accessories, all while keeping customers happy. This fast-paced time management game has ten customer types, each with a different patience level. "Fashion Dash" is available from PlayFirst for the PC and Mac.


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