Fashion Jewellery

Today jewellery is the part of women's life as they don't feel complete without it. But Buying Gold and diamond for each occasion is not affordable to most of us. As Gold and Diamond are becoming expensive day by day. The perfect solution to this problem is fashion jewellery.  The fashion jewellery is also recognized as costume jewellery It is made up of less expensive material like plastic, synthetic glass or imitation stones. These materials are very cheap and are reasonable to many people. They are usually used for balancing the outfits used in special occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries. These are also suitable for theater plays or other stage plays because it can grab attention of audience due to its flashy and sparkling properties. Fashion jewellery is a name of change so pearls, diamonds and other precious and real stone are avoided in it.

Due to the inexpensive nature of the costume jewellery, it is now possible to have variety of jewels in your collection rather stick to the same jewellery for every occasion.

Usually bronze and white metal is used in this jewellery. For the bridal fashion jewellery, these metals are widely used. Bridal jewellery can be expensive because it includes silver and gold which make it expensive.

Pearl jewellery is also famous among teenagers. Young girls and boys adore bracelets of pearl which gives them a trendy look. Pearl lockets are also common in youngsters. Lac is a wax and is also used to make unique costume jewellery. Lac armlets, Lac chokers, Lac pendants, Lac bracelets and earrings are popular and are in-fashion.

Besides this bones are also used to make fashion jewellery. Bones of animals or humans are polished or can be used rough to make stylish jewellery.

Fashion jewellery is available for hair includes clips, hair pins, hair sticks and bands. All the design in fashion jewellery is designed in such a way that the material used in it is very inexpensive like shell, stones, plastic and non-precious metals. The stones used in costume jewellery are shining gems, colorful stones and crystals. Beads used in jewellery are also inexpensive like ivory beads, wooden beads, bone beads and crystal beads. Wood is also used in fashion jewellery.

Use of glass is centuries old and it is a most appealing metal used in fashion jewellery. Highly fashion and gorgeous pieces of jewellery are made using different colors of glass. Glass is also an inexpensive material as compared to other precious metal jewellery and it is lovely too. Glass bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, armlets and all other articles made in different colorful designs. Plastic is also an inexpensive material and used in making of fashion jewellery. There are different designs of plastic jewellery including geometric, floral and other beautiful designs. Plastic jewellery is also durable and you can use it roughly without thinking about its care because it doesn't need that much care as the other metal jewellery. Life of fashion jewellery is very short but it can be durable if you a take care of it just a little. Fashion jewellery must be kept separate in plastic pouches or velvet boxes.



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    Fashion Jewellery holds paramount importance in Indian history and today when time has evolved, trends have changed and technology has taken over the fashion, jewellery still forms an integral part of women's lifestyle

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