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The famous Hollywood womens clothing store couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sent his frantic activity in the jewelry business. Although over them hung the shadow of mutual resentment, they took himself in hand, and decided to work together. The fruit of this collaboration has become an exclusive collection of jewelry. 

Jewelry and women's fashion collections from famous people is always a price. That collection of this famous couple will be the property of the British company Asprey. Jeweler Asprey House is considered one of the oldest houses in Europe. It was founded in 1781. From under the skillful hands of jewelers out things luxury. It's not just jewelry, but also leather goods, porcelain and clocks.

Angelina and Brad were on the verge of falling apart.

Tabloids have prophesied their divorce. But we all know that working together. Another proof was the release of this collection. Out of the hands of celebrities came out collection, which presents not only a decoration, but also dishes. Collection can leave no one indifferent. All things have turned out really beautiful and stylish.

Silver and gold FLANMARK.COM - the main material from which the pair worked. Do not forget they are for charity. According to the stars themselves, the entire proceeds from the sale of women's fashion jewelry collection The Protector («Defender") will go to charity. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to list all of the proceeds at the expense of Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. The activities of this organization aims to help get an education for children affected by war or natural disasters. Among the founders of the organization itself is Angelina. She believes that such children get the most important thing, education. Because today they do not even just the place where it can be done. They need hospitals and just housing. Today, millions of people in conflict zones are not in school. During the war, forget all about education. No Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt could not comment in the press its work on the collection. They only talk about the charitable purpose of their work.

But back to the very jewelry. women's fashionablecollection consists mainly of silver and gold. Pendants, rings and necklaces. As well as interior. Separately, you can select a line of cutlery. This is a spoon and fork, as well as graceful pashotnitsy - Arrangements for delivery of eggs. The main adornment of the entire women's fashion collection from the star pair is a snake. The snake - a symbol of protection and wisdom. Angelina Jolie says that her reptilian mascot and symbol of prosperity most of his large family. Everything started from the moment when Brad Pitt gave a gift custom-made ring in the form of snakes. While Jolie was pregnant with her daughter Sheila. Almost all things in the collection carry this symbol.

Representation FLANMARK.COM of a collection under the symbol "snake-defender passed immediately after the celebrations on the thirtieth anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. On this solemn ceremony Angelina shone in a gown from Armani Prive and the ring from his own collection.

Sales of this collection will begin this week. Though many things are designed for children - a spoon, pashotnitsy, but prices are not quite children. For example, a spoon with a handle in the form of a snake, will cost $ 525. To create this women's fashionable collection of jewelry house «Asprey» spent more than a year. Sale will be held in the boutiques of the jewelry at home. These boutiques are located in New York, London, Dubai and Tokyo. Items from the collection made in limited quantities.


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