Foot Fashion!

Sko compliment your attire. For different occasions and outfits an array of footwear is available. Shoes are important to suit your needs. Shoes are manufactured for casual to formal occasion, sports to medical needs, using different materials and styles.

Manufactures traditionally use leather, wood or canvas to design shoes. However, recent trend has shifted the demand towards footwear made of rubber, plastic and other petrochemical derived materials. Different names have been associated with footwear. Depending on the wearer, weather male or female, names are decided. Mens casual or dress footwear range from Oxfords, Monk-straps, Slip-ons, and Bluchers. For women, the variety is named as High-heeled footwear, Slingbacks, Ballet flats, Mules, Sneaker boot, Court shoes. There are others that can be worn by both sexes like Clog, Sandals, Slip-on-shoes, Espadrilles, Slippers, boat shoes, Stvler, Canvas shoes or Sneakers.

The fashion conscious crowd find the boots to be very fascinating and trendy. Boot shoes are designed to cover the ankle and usually are made of premium quality leather that is durable. Boots are not only worn as alternate style of casual wear but specific type of boots are designed such as snow boots, work boots, hiking boots. Ski boots are made of thick and long-lasting plastic that are specially crafted to fit in the ski.

Shoes of a different make are apt for dancing purposes. Pointe shoe and Ballet shoes are used for ballet dancing. Ghillies are soft shoes that are designed to support Irish, Scottish and high-land dancer performers. Tap shoes have a metal plate included which gives the loud noise when used in Tap dancing. Ballroom shoes are of two categories Ballroom and Latin American. Latin American shoes are designed with high heels to shift more weight to the toes and are more flexible than ballroom shoes which have low heels to help distribute weight across the foot.

Work shoes are typically made to withstand heavy wear and tear. They are made for industrial staff like miners, construction laborers, and military personnel. Leather shoes are also used as uniform by school students, nurses, waitresses, etc.

Shoes wear out due to constant usage. You need to take care and maintain your footwear to keep the look intact. Regularly polish leather shoes and boots. Sanitize the shoes to prevent it from growth of bacteria or fungus. Replace shoelaces and shoe soles when worn out.

Purchase shoes that are comfortable for your feet.


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