Fashionable Fergie

The incredibly popular singer known as Fergie (a nickname based on her real last name of Ferguson) is always in the spotlight for her looks and her fashion sense. While she came into the public eye during her time doing the primary vocals for the group the Black Eyed Peas, her solo career as a singer which shot her into the popularity stratosphere kept her in the photographs of magazines, newspapers, and the Internet. The breathtaking beauty always seems to be sporting some variation of the latest fashion whether she is walking the red carpet or just walking the sidewalk. Of course being a fashion designer (specifically of shoes) during her down time off the stage, it is not hard to see how she can so easily pull together any type of outfit whether it is flashy, formal, business, or casual and accessorize it perfectly.

Balance seems to be the name of the game for Fergie jewelry wise though.

She has a rather unique and funky personal style that dictates some type of accessory be large, flashy, and out there whether it is huge hoop earrings or a brightly florescent colored cuff bracelet. However, when she does wear a jewelry piece like incredibly long dangling earrings or a fashion ring that covers most of her finger with its central gem or design, she will generally only wear that in your face adornment or wear something else more low key. Fergie was recently spotted at the Los Angeles airport (LAX) wearing a rather large silver cocktail fashion ring on her index finger that really made her turquoise blue nail polish stand out. At the same time though, she was sporting a very delicate necklace. It was a necklace composed of two different pendants that pressed against each other (a new and popular variation on traditional pendant necklaces) which hung off of a slim and smooth silver chain. Again, this is a perfect depiction of her way of balancing bedazzled jewelry accessories for her outfit. Do not be afraid to take a page out of Fergie's fashionista book of style!

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