Honeymoon fashion


While the traditional vows endure, the ways to celebrate a marriage have the same changes to the travel industry. The current value for honeymooners to adventure, or to seek diversity and the search for a weekend that is as exotic as a stay in a private European castle or nearby as a local bed and breakfast inn.
One constant is that couples willing to spend money for a honeymoon - an average of $ 1,402 per couple to $ 421 annually for regular trips to the Travel Industry Association of America spent compared. Young couples, ages 18 to 24 who spend the most on honeymoons, averaging $ 1,873. And as many as one third of all couples spend more than $ 2,500 once-in-a-lifetime trip for this. Multiplied by the 2.4 million young married couples from the U.S. Census records a year, and you have an important force in the tourism industry.
The trend towards increasing emphasis on traditional honeymoon following the wedding. And while the move back toward the traditional wedding and honeymoon associated with earlier generations, today's newlyweds are a far cry from the travelers of earlier days. "They're looking more for luxurious and romantic places, like the little out-of-the-way small hotels and inns and private castles," said Sylvie del Giudice, spokeswoman for Les Romantiques Hotels. "They are ready for a different experience. It is the experience of a lifetime. They decide to continue to go away on their honeymoon in a different environment and that includes everything. A different language, culture and food "
Today's couples find new ways to celebrate their union, establish trends, the honeymoon will be felt throuƯghout the industry.
Started in Jamaica, but widespread in the Caribbean and Mexico and in some other regions as well, is the all-inclusive holiday everAlways popular with families with children - and their families. Their "one price pays all" policy, the all-inclusive trip is more and more convenient for parents purchasing a honeymoon package as a gift for newlyweds. Air, transfers, meals, drinks, water, and even tips are included in the tab on all-inclusive resorts.
GETTING MARRIED on your honeymoon
Get married on your honeymoon is also an increasingly popular concept in the Caribbean, where resort packages provide everything from wedding cake, music. In Jamaica's SuperClubs (http://www.superclubs.com) Resorts guests can enjoy a free wedding, including the Minister's fee and marriage license.
Mexico and Canada
The devaluation of the currencies of Canada and Mexico mean an increase in honeymoon business for financial reasons. Canada is also gaining popularity as a honeymoon hotspot. Couples who find a white honeymoon there in ski resorts such as Banff, Whistler and Jasper, and those seeking big city culture cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The current strength of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian also makes our northern neighbor an attractive honeymoon destination. "Canada is very popular as a honeymoon destination," explains Judy Love Rondeau from the office of the Canadian Consulate General in Dallas. "Your money goes 40% further in Canada. The honeymoon, such as the cities of Montreal and Quebec City because they are like a trip to Paris, without so much and so much money. "
Short Trips
As working hours are more hectic, many couples choose a honeymoon near your home, you enjoy a long weekend at a local bed-and-breakfasts and country inns. Karen Adler, publisher of nostalgia America guidebook series, notes that "today is often both husband and wife work full time and if one of them has childrenthen the cost of child care is a factor. For a day trip for an overnight stay or a short weekend honeymoon makes economic sense to take, as well as time-sense. "
Places in the city
For some couples, makes a chance, the romance of a big city and the elegance of fine dining the big cities enjoy a honeymoon destination. A recent study by the American Society of Travel Agents showed that the most popular city was Las Vegas. Orlando, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were other top choices.
Overseas destinations
While some couples choose to vacation close to home, conserving both time and money, others see a honeymoon as a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. For these travelers, it's time for a fantasy journey to destinations whose names mean romance. For those happy couples, the American Society of Travel Agents found that the UK top European destination, followed by France and Germany followed.
"We see more and more couples go to Europe compared to the Caribbean," says Sylvie del Giudice, spokeswoman for Les Romantiques Hotels. "People are living longer married, and they are more interested in the culture and the experience and the discovery of Europe. Or they want to go back to Europe. I am dealing with a lot of people who went to Paris once and now they want to show their spouse.
"They usually combine romantic cities like Paris, Florence, Rome or with a resort escape like the Riviera or Normandy or the Amalfi coast of Italy, so they have the best of both worlds," explains del Giudice. "We have also found that couples are becoming more and more adventure and discovery of new areas."
Looking for new European experiencesbrings even more couples to less traditional destinations. Destinations such as Portugal, Malta and Turkey are gaining popularity.
The current trend toward adventure and eco-tourism vacations has not overlooked the honeymoon industry. "We have seen a number of newlyweds go on dude ranch holidays as well as our other trips like the cattle drives," says Dave Wiggins, president of Boulder, Colorado-based American Wilderness Experience. "It's the kind of thing for couples who have an inspiring, something they can come back and say: '. Guess what we did on our honeymoon' Search '
Although Wiggins has sold many honeymooners rugged adventure packages, ranging from a 10-day safari in Alaska to sea kayaking in Baja Mexico to river rafting along Idaho Salmon River, many couples prefer soft adventure. "The Lodge-based holidays are more popular with honeymooners, because to them a bed and roof over their head and have a hot shower," points out Wiggins.
"We have seen more and more soft adventure travel, so we have more deluxe lodge-based options," said Wiggins. Whether honeymooners overnight in a mountain cabin or a tent by the sea, but he explains the popularity of adventure travel with today's traveler. "In a system there is a lot to choose and select, but you find yourself as a spectator and watch the action go around. On an adventure, you're right in the action. There is no watch, as the measures that go against you - you're the action on an adventure tour. "
Finding that the special quality is up to individual couples themselves. With the variety of choices and a selection of atmosphere that ranges from white-knuckle adventure to hedonistic laziness, there's something for everyone.



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